Don’t Be Hindered By Temporary Relationships

Planning for the future can be very exciting, especially when it involves people you care about. Whether it's choosing a suitable university, looking for an apartment, or seeking a job opportunity, these major decisions can have a major impact on our lives, and they, just like any important choice we have to make, require time and careful deliberation.

Rushing into these kinds of decisions without thinking can lead to unforeseen unpleasant circumstances, and often regret.

What is important to remember is to NEVER allow temporary relationships to influence these important and not-so-easily reversible life decisions. Temporary relationships can mean friendships, and even intimate relationships, the point being, if you're not married to this person, or bound to this person by biology or by legal obligation, then you have to think very carefully before you allow your relationship with them to influence these decisions.

The reason friendships aren't included in the "absolutes" or "guaranteed" relationships is that some friendships are only existent because conditional factors such as; the fact that you see each other all the time at school; the fact that you’re neighbours; or even the fact that you’re always at the same parties.

The point is if these conditions were no longer met, and you never really had a relationship with this person outside these conditions, then the friendship will suffer, thus becoming a temporary, or “fake” friendship.

In this case, if the fate of your friendship with a particular person rests on the possibility of you renting an apartment with them, or going to the same university as them, or even getting a job in the same place as them, then these people don't deserve to be your friend.

If you don’t take careful time when making these sorts of decisions, if you end up basing these important choices on temporary relationships, and you end up regretting your decision, you will resent these people for the rest of your life.

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