So do we all agree that sex workers are disgusting and have no respect for themselves? That the only reason they would ever sell sex is that they must have suffered some sort of abuse as a child that psychologically damaged them or they just generally hate themselves so much that they would ever resort to such measures?

Seems harsh but the above opinions appear to be the general consensus when it comes to sex workers. Why is that people have such bigoted views when it comes to sex work?

But crimes such as fraud (yes fraud is a crime- it seems people have forgotten this) have pretty much become a normal occurrence in our society. Why is it that stealing from another person is justifiable or more understandable but a person using their own body to make money is wrong?

We are free beings and have ownership over our bodies... right? So why is that same notion not applied to sex workers?

Sex workers are constantly vilified, but yet nobody seems to be able to explain just why exactly they're so offended by the prospect of somebody else using their own body or sexuality to make money. Everybody knows sex sells so aren't sex workers just capitalising on this? Sounds smart to me.

There are different types of sex work, just like there are different reasons women (and men) do it, and I personally don't feel it's no one else's business but the sex worker and their client.

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